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Can you believe that after months of planning, fundraising, and preparing, Miss Teenage Canada 2017 is finally here, because I certainly can’t! I started my journey toward Toronto with a four-hour drive to St. John’s, did some shopping (scored two new pairs of shoes) and flew into the six Monday morning. No matter how many times I visit Toronto I can never get over how breathtaking it is, coming from a small province and an even smaller town I am always fascinated by big cities. I have never been so excited yet so nervous for something in my entire life, however, the excitement was drowning out the nerves!

2017 Search for Miss Teenage Canada – Sponsor Party happened in the Meeting Room at the gorgeous Edward Village Hotel in Toronto Ontario at approximately  5:30 on Monday 07 Aug 2017.

Once Michelle, the national director, and Rob, from Street Chic Canada briefed us on how our jammed packed week was going to unfold we were given free reign of the awesome sponsor tables.

Our province-of-origin designated Sashes were all laid out on display to be claimed, I felt so proud to be able to reach for the ‘Newfoundland and Labrador’ sash! It has been such an honor being able to represent NL, I have always worn my roots on my sleeve and I have never been happier to wear it on my sash as well. My contestant number is 24 so be sure to keep an eye out when watching the preliminary competition and the final crowning!

Super excited for my new Nine West shoes!

Our beautiful shoes from Nine West were on full display for us to see what we’ll be rocking on Friday and Sunday! I was able to try on the lovely black shoes and we’ll get our very own pair later this week when the orders are ready, I can’t imagine shoe shopping for 59 girls is easy! As a lover of Nine West shoes already, I was ecstatic when I learned they were our official shoe sponsor and I cannot wait to add them to my collection.

Miss Teenage Canada’s sponsors are mostly made up of small to medium businesses who feel that there is value in supporting who we are. For various many reasons, this pageant is beneficial to those entrepreneurs and their growing business.

Rob himself was behind the Archer Dental booth, providing us all with toothbrushes, toothpaste and everything else we need to keep these pearly whites smiling all week long! Archer Dental is run by the famous Toronto dentist Dr. Natalie Archer, she’s very accomplished in her business as well as in the science fields and has been a huge supporter of MTC for years

Lily Liao from Street Chic fashion magazine was in attendance. Lily’s team published over thirty fashion blogs, submitted by over half of the Miss Teenage Canada delegates, just last week. Her magazine is absolutely fantastic and I was so grateful to be able to not only work with them but to meet the woman that’s behind it all. If I could tell Lily one thing about her magazine it would be to continue doing exactly what she’s doing because it’s just what we need here in Canada, a wonderful fashion outlet!

Be sure to check out my very own article with Street Chic called: Sibling Fashion Clash in Lawn, Nfld! You can find it here. Lily was also kind enough to give every one of us an adorable pair of earring, I grabbed some small, simple gold studs that will match with almost anything.

Next up was Dahlia DeSouza from UptotheTime Watches and her table filled with a gorgeous display of watches from their online catalog. Seriously, these pieces were breath-taking! We all received a necklace, that I cannot wait to wear, plus we were asked to take a selfie with the watch we would choose if we were to win the title of Miss Teenage Canada on Sunday, August 17th! She’s expecting us to post all our #iamuptothetime selfies on social media so make sure you watch out for those!

Check it out on my Instagram (@missteenagenl) 


Judy, a super sweet music teacher at the Wandering Minstrel Music School in Mississauga was also present and she had an awesome Instagram challenge for us, called the #MTCSongSolo challenge! All of the girls were invited to choose from one of the five musical instruments there and record their best performance on Instagram using the challenge hashtag. If your video got the most likes you get a great prize, a cordless microphone!

All throughout our reigns we have been hashtagging #MTC2017, at the sponsor party Hashtagio Social Media Aggregator was there to give us a look back on the Instagram feed for every post that was tagged with our hashtag! Just like last year, all the best shots are being collected and displayed on the website in a special Go Behind the Scenes via the Instagram page. This is co-sponsored by Standard Telecom and this entire week you will see all the delegates with our phones so that we can capture all the exciting moments throughout the week!

The next table was a super adorable business called Super Adorbs, their accessories will bring any outfit to life no matter your style or occasion, that has versatile they are! The business is headquartered right here in Toronto and the sell online all across our gorgeous country! They gave us the cutest gift bags, mine had these baby pink ears in them; so fun!

Aren’t these “Super Adorbs” ?!

I also had the pleasure to meet Alice Li, Miss Toronto World 2017, she was running the SuperAdorbsCo table. It’s crazy to think that less than a month ago she was standing in this very room receiving VIP delegate gifts from sponsors! Alice placed fourth in the 2017 Search for Miss World Canada pageant.

We cut the cake and officially started the 2017 search for Miss Teenage Canada, it was so exciting to meet all of the girls and I cannot wait to see what the rest of the week has in store for me!


Bailey, Miss Teenage Newfoundland and Labrador 2017 ❤

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Many millennials are trading in their high-fashion garments for a rising fad; sports clothes! All across the province youth are opting for comfort and practically rather than the typical ideas of style. However, some people are refusing to part with their designer labels and don’t want to give into the new sporty trends.

Read my article with Street Chic Canada to find out more about my take on finding your own personal style and how it reflects our own personal beauty.

Sibling Fashion Clash in Lawn, Nfld

Bailey, Miss Teenage Newfoundland and Labrador 2017 ❤

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If you’re ever planning a trip to the gorgeous coasts of Newfoundland and Labrador it is absolutely impossible to choose just one destination. Many people may try to turn you toward the hustling and bustling city of St.Johns and surrounding areas but I’m here to tell you that the best place you could possibly visit is the Burin Peninsula. I may be a little bias because I grew up on the quiet and quaint shores of what we Newfoundlanders call ‘the bay’ but I can guarantee you it’s the best place to visit and I’m going to tell you why.

Welcome to ‘Beachie’, one of the best swimming holes! 

1. “The Boot”: To start a trip around the Burin Peninsula is also commonly known as a trip around ‘the boot’, this is because our little piece of NL is shaped just like a boot (yes, boots you wear on your feet, really, check us out on the map)! But if our quirky name isn’t enough to have you packing your bags I have plenty more where that came from.

2. Salmon River and Swimming Holes in Lawn: I grew up swimming in that we called the brook, a series of swimming holes that led into one another. I was always looking for new places to explore and new heights to jump from with my friends, the memories I’ve attached to these swimming holes have made it such a go-to place for me and I know whoever travels here will create their own beautiful memories. However, if swimming is not your forte, bring along your salmon rod and try your luck in one of our gorgeous salmon rivers, you never know what could be waiting for you

Check out that view! There’s nothing more beautiful than Chambers Cove.

3. Chambers Cove in St. Lawrence: In 1942 two US Navy ships ran aground just off the coast of Lawn and St. Lawrence, after the shipwrecks, men from both communities pulled the survivors up over the rocky cliffs of Chambers Cove. Meanwhile, the women washed, fed and clothed the survivors to ensure they would be able to make it home to their families. Today this has been turned into a beautiful hiking trail and memorial site,  there is no better place to go for a history lesson and some fresh air.

4. Sandy Cove Beach in Lord’s Cove: Are you ready for some fun in the sun? If the answer is yes (and who’s wouldn’t be?!) then you need to pay a visit to Sandy Cove Beach! This beach is my favorite on the entire island because of it’s laid back, family atmosphere; at any given time there’s always a family or group of friends simply enjoying themselves. I spent many summer days with my friends and family lounging on the beach, building sandcastles and of course jumping in the waves. Sandy Cove has something for everyone, but beware of cows, they love to come visit!

Can’t you see the excited look on my face!

5. Sharon’s Nook in Grand Bank: My very first memory of Grand Bank was sitting in a vintage cafe, eating the greatest slice of Brownie Fudge Cheesecake while laughing and joking with my castmates from a play we were performing at the local high school. I created so many memories in that cafe and it brought so many lovely friendships into my life that whenever I’m in town I have to stop in for a slice of cheesecake. Sharon’s Nook offers so many yummy treats and home cooked meals (just like momma makes) that you must mark it on your map and stop in. You can find them on Facebook by clicking here!

6. The Beautiful Scenery: As you’re making your way around our little piece of heaven, you’ll have to stop every once in a while to take in the breathtaking scenery we have to offer, from the wind turbines in St. Lawrence to the gorgeous views of Burin you’ll have constant opportunities for a family photo!

So, there it is, ‘the boot’ of Newfoundland and Labrador in all it’s glory! Our little peninsula may not have tall buildings or fancy malls but what we do have is heart, I’ve always found my heart in these places, my favorite places and I know when you plan your trip across our coast you’ll leave a little piece of your heart as well.

Bailey, Miss Teenage Newfoundland and Labrador 2017 ❤

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I was absolutely honored to be apart of St. Lawrence Day this year because it wasn’t just any St. Lawrence Day it was also the beginning of Come Home Year! Every five years communities host a week long of super fun activities where everyone gets to meet up with old friends and family members and just have fun. 

The Come Home Year committee this year is nothing short of fantastic and when they asked me to be a part of their kickoff parade, I couldn’t resist. I was so excited to ride in the back of Mr. Mike O’Reilly’s candy blue convertible; it was so special because Mr.O’Reilly’s father drove the same car in the same parade 43 years ago! Isn’t that crazy?!

I dressed up in my best St.Lawrence blue for the occasion

It was a gorgeous day for a parade and it was so exciting to drive around and see all the happy faces of local children as they picked out their favorite float and collected candy from Elmo, Cookie Monster and a Princess (guess who?).

Shortly after the parade ended, what seemed like the entire town, gathered for the opening ceremonies where they announced the theme, I sang our national anthem, they introduced the committee members and the mayor gave a very moving speech on how important it is to hold onto your roots, your hometown.

We also heard from MHA Carol Anne Haley, MP Judy Foote, and Premier Dwight Ball; it was so wonderful to hear from them and their experiences with my region, it made me even more proud to represent my province on the Miss Teenage Canada stage (if that was even possible)! Shortly after they presented the official reopening of the CFI mine in St.Lawrence, the mine has brought so many opportunities to those both young and old in our tiny communities, including allowing so many Newfoundlanders to return home and work.

Finally, the day closed with an open mic, there were so many talented acts that I was able to watch and I even got the chance to sing myself, which was great practice for MTC’s upcoming talent gala!

Participating in the Open Mic!

Once again I’d like to say a huge thank you to all those who allowed me to spend the day in St.Lawrence and be apart of the festivities, I felt like true royalty. Welcome home to everyone who traveled back to St.Lawrence, I hope your week is everything you hope for.


Bailey, Miss Teenage Newfoundland and Labrador 2017 ❤

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If you’ve ever been looking for a lovely way to remember your loved ones who have passed the Dream Fund has just that for you. The Dream Fund is a local charity started by William Short that helps grant wishes to seriously ill children in Newfoundland and Labrador.

Each year they host the “Wings for an Angel” Butterfly Release, where hundreds of butterflies (yes, real painted lady butterflies) are sold in memory of lost loved ones and released across the province. I have had the privilege of volunteering with the Dream Fund for the past several years by selling butterflies, helping out at the event and raising awareness for such a great cause.

I even made it to the local newspaper!

This year was no different, I began selling butterflies when I returned home from university and I could hardly wait for the event to come. On July 15th (my 19th birthday) I traveled to the Marystown Track and Field complex for this beautiful day. The day was filled with live music by JohnBoy and Racquel, they even sang me Happy Birthday!

There were butterfly crafts, butterfly face painting, and some children and I created chalk masterpieces and blew bubbles! Finally, it was the moment everyone was waiting for, time to release the butterflies!

At the exact same time across the province, all 1,700 butterflies were released, 700 of those were sold in the Marystown region!  Watching the butterflies fly over the field brought back some of my favorite memories with the loved ones I was there to remember. The Wings for an Angel Butterfly Release not only supports so many ill children in Newfoundland and Labrador but also provides closure for those who have lost those who they hold close to their heart and I am forever grateful to be able to be apart of that.

Bailey, Miss Teenage Newfoundland and Labrador 2017 ❤

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The true North strong and free; that is how we describe Canada, how we advertise it to the world, how we identify because that’s exactly what we are and exactly why so many people choose Canada as their host country, strength, and freedom.

It is an absolute privilege to live in a country like Canada, a place so accepting, welcoming and full of love and compassion. Growing up in Canada has allowed me to live a free and comfortable life, it has allowed me to blossom into who I am today by giving me countless opportunities; opportunities just like this one, I am blessed to be the provincial title holder for one of Canada’s gorgeous provinces during the year of its 150 birthday!

I always love getting to chat with the people who support me through everything I do!

My celebrations started at Canada Post in my beautiful hometown of Lawn, our postmaster, Mrs. Jackie Hayley, invited me to our local post office to meet and greet citizens of Lawn. Everyone that came to pick up their mail dropped in to take a photo, have a cupcake and wish Canada a very happy birthday! It’s so lovely to be able to interact with my community members (who have always been my biggest supporters) on a more personal level, to speak to them in a more relaxed setting!

Look at that gorgeous background, so proud of my community, my province, and my country!


I also attended the Canada Day celebrations at our town hall organized by the lovely members of our town council! There were games, rock painting, a bouncy castle and princess face painting by yours truly! I also had the honor of performing our national anthem, be sure to check it out on my Facebook page: Miss Teenage Newfoundland and Labrador 2017 – Bailey.

From our beautiful scenery and immense safety to our thriving economy and job market, why would you choose any other place to live in but Canada? Our caring country will welcome you with open arms and bright smiles because we are the true North, strong and free.

A huge thank you to Jackie for allowing me to visit in with her at Canada Post!

We are Canada and we are proud.


Bailey, Miss Teenage Newfoundland and Labrador 2017 ❤

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Living in a small town in a small province it’s often easy to feel like you don’t have as many opportunities as those in larger places. However, the Youth Ventures program is teaching youth of all ages to create their own opportunities and become their own bosses.

SHAD UNB was such a defining journey in my life and I am forever grateful for my new skills and my new family.

I learned of the booming world of business when I participated in SHAD this past summer a month long program that emerges high school students in the entrepreneurship world. While we were not building a community of our own, participating in STEM labs and lectures or exploring UNB’s beautiful campus we created our own business. I learned to write a business plan, prototype a product and pitch our product to capital investors.

I got to meet so many little sweeties, just like this one!

SHAD gave me the confidence and experience I needed to help me succeed in university life and many other fields of my life. Allowing youth to experience leadership and responsibility in the form of running their own business gives them an entirely new skill set.

When I was invited to attend the Youth Ventures showcase in Burin I was extremely excited so see all the creativity that NL’s youth can bring to the table and I certainly wasn’t disappointed. I spent the day painting faces and interacting with these talented people.

Princess face painting always goes over well!

Huge congratulations to all those who participated, the sky is the limit!


Bailey, Miss Teenage Newfoundland and Labrador 2017 ❤

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So happy to be able to connect with people on a new level.

The rain couldn’t keep the survivors and supporters of Marystown and surrounding areas away from the Relay for Life! The day was filled with heartwarming stories, meeting amazing people and of course many, many laps for all the brave men, women and children who have fought against cancer.I was so happy to not only attend but to help sell and decorate luminaries for those who have won, lost and are still fighting their battles. While doing so I was privileged to meet so many lovely people and learn of their highs and lows, their struggles and victories.

I always feel such a strong connection to the Relay for Life and everything it stands for because I have watched my own family members fight their battles with cancer.I lost all sense of myself once my beloved aunt, who had become like a mother to me lost her battle with cancer and am currently standing strongly with my grandfather as he bravely fights his personal battle.

Dedicating this blog to my grandfather, a very strong man fighting a very hard battle.

It’s easy to feel alone despite having so many friends and family members around you, people who are going through the exact same thing as you. The Relay for Life brings those people together, allowing you to become close with other families who are facing the same hardships you are or create new bonds within your family.This event showed me the beautiful side of cancer, not the harsh, sad side, it showed me the side of raw love, of unwavering care, the side of surviving, remembering and conquering.




Bailey, Miss Teenage Newfoundland and Labrador 2017 ❤

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Ever since I was old enough to understand the question “what do you want to be when you grow up?” I always said I wanted to be a veterinarian. However, as I got older I learned that achieving my dream would be a long, winding road, a road I’m only at the beginning of.

Always keeping in mind that this is where I want to end up, helping beauties just like this one. 

My parents raised me to understand that nothing will ever be given to you; anything and everything that you want you will have to work toward it and that once I realized that, I was already on the road to success. However nobody said paving that road would be an easy feat, there will always be roadblocks, speed bumps and detours but the important thing is to never lose sight of your goals and to not let a bump in the road slow you down.
At the age of eleven I was building scale models of my future veterinary clinic out of cardboard and white glue, this lead me to believe that I was born with an excess of ambition. For as long as I can remember I’ve always had a goal in mind and a plan for achieving it.

I always had an immense love for animals, I adored my pets and gave them pretend checkups, as a child, to make sure my furry friends were in tip top shape. I was anxious to help out on local farms and spent an entire summer volunteering at my local animal hospital. Helping out at Southern Animal Hospital was so rewarding and gave me an exciting look into the rest of my life and allowed me to set in stone that this is exactly what I want to be.

“Look, mom, I did it!”

But, no matter how much I loved and cared for animals I knew that wouldn’t be enough to make me Dr. Bailey Tarrant, I needed the grades and I had to work for those grades, work very hard. I spent my high school days hunched over Calculus and Chemistry textbooks, my hands stained with highlighters, I had many sleepless nights but in the end, everything paid off. All the cups of tea, confused faces and tears led me to my high school graduation where I stood as class valedictorian.

A very happy girl at her high school prom!

Graduating high school was only the start of my journey toward my DVM and I soon would be off to complete my undergraduate degree at Dalhousie University. Before I was off to Nova Scotia I received a very exciting phone call that went a little something like this:

“Hi, I’m calling from Dal’s Scholarship office to offer you the Schulich Leader Scholarship valued at $60,000, congratulations Bailey, you are our Science Leader this year.” 

Shut up! I mean thank you, I mean yes, thank you! *Internally screams*


As you can see, I was very excited to rep Dal’s Science Faculty.


I couldn’t believe it, I was a Schulich Leader! I am forever grateful for the Schulich Foundation for giving me the gift of education and bringing me one step closer to my dream school, my dream job, my dream life. I now spend my semesters in both Biology labs and milking stalls, still putting every ounce of myself into my studies while learning about some of the world’s most fantastic species. Even though I’m only at the beginning of my road to success there is nothing that can discourage me from arriving at my destination and although my eyes are on the end of the road it’s so important to enjoy the journey that brings you to it.


Bailey, Miss Teenage Newfoundland and Labrador 2017

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