Confidence; an essential trait in life for many projects and professions we may face in the future, yet a trait that is often hard to come by. I have noticed that confidence is depleting in youth, especially girls. I have watched young girls enter grade seven with a positive outlook on life and a bright future ahead of them, sadly I saw the same girls leave the seventh grade with a terrible self-image and next to no confidence in themselves. It was from that moment I knew something needed to change.

A beautiful quote from Maya Angelou that I keep in my dorm room as a constant reminder.

I started a group within my school for girl’s grades six to twelve that worked toward empowering women. I wanted to preach things that I thought would help these girls lead a healthier and more successful life, such as public speaking skills, safe dating, learning to love yourself, and most importantly building confidence. I focused on creating a safe environment within the group so that the members would feel comfortable speaking to one another about issues in their lives and to teach them to build each other up instead of tearing one another down.

I decided to name the group “Pretty Powerful” to symbolize that we focus so much of our time on being pretty when we should be working towards becoming pretty powerful!

The topic of self- love hits rather close to home for me, as I was never really comfortable in my own skin, I had high and low points in my life but nothing ever felt right. The was until I decided that if I wanted to feel right as the person I am, I had to accept that person. 

Pageants had a huge part in my journey toward self-acceptance, they allowed me to build the person I am today.

Self- love, and acceptance are not easy and it took a while for me to accept everything I was; the flaws, strong suits, the great traits and the bad ones and I’m still growing. However, once I came to a point where I could look in the mirror and honestly and truly love the person that was staring back at me, I realized that I was invincible.

You heard it here folks, you do not need to be Superman (or woman) to be invincible, all you need to do is understand that you are a beautiful soul, every piece of you. Because once you reach the pinnacle of self-love you can do absolutely anything you dream of, once you start believing in yourself there’s nothing you can’t do.

Because I’m so passionate about this issue it was only fitting that I take it to MTC as my platform, so I can spread the message across my province and my country. I also have a very special announcement coming up soon, as I will be teaming up with a brand that is very close to my heart to help spread their message, for it fits hand in hand with my platform. Stay tuned!

Bailey, Miss Teenage Newfoundland and Labrador 2017 ❤

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2 Responses to Being “pretty” is out, it’s time to be Pretty Powerful!

  1. Coarlee Mitchell says:

    We are cheering you on girl! You are a true beauty so let your sparkle shine!

  2. Shanlee Mitchell says:

    You got this girl!!! Wishing you the best of luck!

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