So we have all heard and seen of The Hills and The City but now there is a new reality show coming to town: Dance like no one is watching! This amazing reality show will take you through the life of one small town girl from Newfoundland trying to make it big in New York City. Chelsea grew up in a small community called Conception Bay South in Newfoundland, Canada but always dreamed to make it onto Broadway as a famous dancer and now she finally has her chance! She has officially been accepted to the New York School of Performing Arts. What she didn’t know is the competition there was as 12 lucky girls were chose to compete for a spot on Broadway with the show Billy Elliot as one of the main dancers! Throughout this reality show that airs every Tuesday night at 10:00 pm for half an hour you will see how Chelsea moves to New York, adapts with her surroundings and competes for the ultimate goal of becoming a Broadway star. Will she rise to stardom or crash and fall under the pressure? Stay tuned to find out!

Why will you love it!? 
          It isn’t just another one of those fake reality shows; it’s all real people, real emotions and real drama. It’s the inside scoop on what it is like to be a professional dancer as well as what it’s like to get your chance on Broadway. Not everybody can live up to the pressure and some people may not be able to stick it out while others will shine in the spotlight! Who knows? You are going to have to check it out to find out all the juicy gossip and details.
Corporate Sponsors
              A good television series wouldn’t be anything without those who back it up. But Dance like no one is watching requires some very special sponsors. Billy Elliot would be one of them. (
They would need to provide one space for the girl of their choice out of the 12 to be their new Broadway star! The winner would receive a one year contract with them as well as the star treatment with red carpets, premiere galas and of course shopping sprees. But every dance needs to be looking fabulous at all points in time, they can’t have hair flying all over the place and makeup running down the face therefore we would also have Rimmel London and Goody sponsor the show. Rimmel London would provide makeup and there ever popular red lipstick and smoky eye shadow; the perfect necessity for any showgirl!(
As well as Goody would sponsor all the elastics, hair buns, and all the necessities to make that perfect ballerina bun.(
 This show would not be possible without any of them!
Why you should get involved?
            Dance like no one is watching is guaranteed to be the hit of summer 2012! And you don’t want to miss out on an opportunity like this. It is great publicity for not only your company but the show as well. It is set for five seasons each based around a different dance audition and watching Chelsea go through the ups and downs of becoming a professional dancer in the big apple! With all the publicity this show is going to have it would make great advertisement for your companies. As Goody and Rimmel London will be shown as Chelsea is preparing for auditions and rehearsals in every episode. As for Billy Elliot it is great publicity for the Broadway play as well as all your major stars will be able to get some on-screen time as well! It’s a win – win situation.

Also check out a sneak peek of our poster!

Stay Tuned for “Dance like no one is Watching” coming summer 2012!

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