The true North strong and free; that is how we describe Canada, how we advertise it to the world, how we identify because that’s exactly what we are and exactly why so many people choose Canada as their host country, strength, and freedom.

It is an absolute privilege to live in a country like Canada, a place so accepting, welcoming and full of love and compassion. Growing up in Canada has allowed me to live a free and comfortable life, it has allowed me to blossom into who I am today by giving me countless opportunities; opportunities just like this one, I am blessed to be the provincial title holder for one of Canada’s gorgeous provinces during the year of its 150 birthday!

I always love getting to chat with the people who support me through everything I do!

My celebrations started at Canada Post in my beautiful hometown of Lawn, our postmaster, Mrs. Jackie Hayley, invited me to our local post office to meet and greet citizens of Lawn. Everyone that came to pick up their mail dropped in to take a photo, have a cupcake and wish Canada a very happy birthday! It’s so lovely to be able to interact with my community members (who have always been my biggest supporters) on a more personal level, to speak to them in a more relaxed setting!

Look at that gorgeous background, so proud of my community, my province, and my country!


I also attended the Canada Day celebrations at our town hall organized by the lovely members of our town council! There were games, rock painting, a bouncy castle and princess face painting by yours truly! I also had the honor of performing our national anthem, be sure to check it out on my Facebook page: Miss Teenage Newfoundland and Labrador 2017 – Bailey.

From our beautiful scenery and immense safety to our thriving economy and job market, why would you choose any other place to live in but Canada? Our caring country will welcome you with open arms and bright smiles because we are the true North, strong and free.

A huge thank you to Jackie for allowing me to visit in with her at Canada Post!

We are Canada and we are proud.


Bailey, Miss Teenage Newfoundland and Labrador 2017 ❤

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  1. jackie haley says:

    Beautiful young Lady to rep . our Province. In August. Best of are a winner no matter what. Xxxx hugs.enjoy the journey

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