Living in a small town in a small province it’s often easy to feel like you don’t have as many opportunities as those in larger places. However, the Youth Ventures program is teaching youth of all ages to create their own opportunities and become their own bosses.

SHAD UNB was such a defining journey in my life and I am forever grateful for my new skills and my new family.

I learned of the booming world of business when I participated in SHAD this past summer a month long program that emerges high school students in the entrepreneurship world. While we were not building a community of our own, participating in STEM labs and lectures or exploring UNB’s beautiful campus we created our own business. I learned to write a business plan, prototype a product and pitch our product to capital investors.

I got to meet so many little sweeties, just like this one!

SHAD gave me the confidence and experience I needed to help me succeed in university life and many other fields of my life. Allowing youth to experience leadership and responsibility in the form of running their own business gives them an entirely new skill set.

When I was invited to attend the Youth Ventures showcase in Burin I was extremely excited so see all the creativity that NL’s youth can bring to the table and I certainly wasn’t disappointed. I spent the day painting faces and interacting with these talented people.

Princess face painting always goes over well!

Huge congratulations to all those who participated, the sky is the limit!


Bailey, Miss Teenage Newfoundland and Labrador 2017 ❤

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